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Beyond The Circle

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  1. Zolonos says:
    As of Monday, March 16, TACHP has made the difficult decision to postpone all classes and events for an indefinite period. Please contact the office if you would like to schedule a time to pick up works in progress or supplies. We will post updates as the situation progresses.
  2. Zolok says:
    sigils are already established permanent teleportation circles. you are given two sigils when you learn this spell. think of sigils as longitude latitude coordinates to a permanent circles. later, when you 1 minute cast teleportation circle you pick a sigil that you know that you wish to teleport to. after casting the spell, at the end of you next turn, the spell ends. if you cast the spell in.
  3. Vusho says:
    The circle affects a creature of the chosen type in the following ways: The creature can't willingly enter the cylinder by nonmagical means. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to do so, it must first succeed on a Charisma saving throw.
  4. Zulushakar says:
    Beyond Skyline R 1h 46m Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy In the wake of an extraterrestrial invasion, a suspended L.A. cop teams up with survivors to stop the onslaught and rescue human captives.
  5. Samuzragore says:

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